Prince  Charles decided to take up jogging.

Every  day, he’d jog past a hooker standing on the same street  corner.
He learned to brace himself as he approached her for what  was almost certain to follow.

‘One hundred and fifty  pounds!’ she’d shout from the curb.

‘No! Five pounds!’ He  would fire back, just to shut her up.

This ritual between him  and the hooker became a daily occurrence.
He’d run by and she’d  yell, ‘One hundred and Fifty pounds!’
He’d  yell back, ‘Five pounds!’

One day, Camilla decided that she  wanted to accompany her ‘husband’ on his jog.

As the jogging  couple neared the working woman’s street corner,
Prince  Charles realised she’d bark her £150 offer and Camilla would wonder  what he’d really been doing on all his past  outings.
He  figured he’d better have a good explanation for his  Wife.
As  they jogged into the turn that would take them past the corner, he  became even more apprehensive than usual.
Sure  enough, there was the hooker. He tried to avoid the prostitute’s  eyes as she watched the pair jogging past.
Then, from her corner,  the hooker yelled:
‘See  what you get for five pounds, you tight  bastard!’

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