drip-drop, drip-drop!
it won’t stop.
wet dogs smell in the air,
rain licking my hair,
old ladies walkin’ nowhere,
cats hide in despair,
mud in the street,
mud in my heart,
brains torn apart,
shoes boggish,
neck in the leash,
soul in a swamp,
memories damp,
thoughts misty,
words nasty and crispy,
eyes aqueous,
looks hideous
Drip-drop, drip-drop…
Will it ever stop?
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Un răspuns la drip-drop

  1. estrella zice:

    Mircea asked me to write my comments on his blog. It’s a honor for me. So, I must say that, I appreciated this literature, because I like true stories ant it reminds me of my childhood. It is a fascinating and surprising story of a young man who not only tells her personal adventures, but also explores bigger questions with humour. I laughed and cried along with Thomas and also passed the time visited his worlds, his realities, old things, but forever actual problems to which we can aspire, clues and answers to what our lives are meant to be. At least, perhaps, to challenge myself and to be changed.
    I liked also the innovated structure of the book, the balanced mixture of reality and dream in the forest where the dialogs with the dog are fantastic.
    Thanks Mircea for your teaching.

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